Hiring A Wedding Photographer: A Step-by-Step Guide

After confirming your venue and the date of your big day, one of the following things you should think about is choosing a wedding photographer.

Great wedding photographers can be booked a couple of years in advance, so it’s critical to book early if you find someone you want to capture your special day.

For years to come, the images on your wedding day will serve as cherished recollections of your special day. Your wedding portrait will likely be prominently featured in your home and many of your close relatives. This article will give you helpful tips on choosing a wedding photographer.

Finding A Wedding Photographer

Many websites allow you to search for top wedding photographers, and when you select your destination, you may also find photographers who have shot there.


A wedding photographer captures perfect moments in time and inspires you to imagine what that moment means.

Your videographer captures memorable interactions that do not require imagination to embellish them.

Your budget often determines if the photographer travels rather than a photographer’s business policy. Many will gladly fly over to capture your special day if you’re getting married abroad.

The benefit of selecting a photographer that has worked at your venue is that you may view whole weddings, images, and locations.

Their knowledge of the venue, layout, and finest locations for intimate images of just you and your spouse, group photos, and as you enter for your reception will be invaluable.

You can see a photographer’s style, the types of images they will take, and the settings they employ by viewing whole weddings recorded at your site.


In 2020, you can expect to pay the photographer $1,159 for a two-hour wedding photoshoot in San Diego, where I live.

It costs $724 for a one-hour wedding session, while a four-hour shot costs $2,029. Wedding photography fees in San Diego are 3% lower than the national average in the United States.

Depending on the photographer, their style, experience, and location, the cost of a photoshoot can vary greatly.

Additionally, as a standard, the package and what is included are retouched images that you can download and watch online. Packages may consist of a high-quality book, an engagement shoot, or both. This is an excellent time to get to know your photographer and get some practice in front of the lens.

While some photographers may have shot at your venue before, and others may be completely unfamiliar with it, it isn’t a deal-breaker if they haven’t, and the benefits of doing so outweigh the drawbacks. A creative photographer will select the most fantastic locations to shoot the best photographs first thing in the morning or the day before.

Group and family portraits in a more formal setting can benefit significantly from using more conventional types of photography. Reportage and documentary are two of the most popular styles, which are more casual and unscripted. Instead of rigid, staged photographs, the idea is to get candid shots of your guests’ emotions and expressions without realizing they are being taken.

Find a style you like and a manner to tell the tale of your wedding day that works for you by looking at different photographers’ work.
The most important thing is to discover a photographer and their work that you adore, but it’s also critical that you get along with them and feel relaxed and at ease around them. You’ll feel more comfortable and at ease getting your photo taken if you are. If you aren’t self-conscious, your photographs will appear more natural and fun.

It’s preferable to meet a photographer and look through their entire edited wedding album. You want to see consistent, high-quality images in this album when you’re looking at it. You don’t want only a few standout images in your album, with the rest being a mishmash.

Consider an unplugged wedding if you’re paying a lot for a professional photographer. An unplugged wedding allows your guests to focus on you rather than their phones or cameras. However, there are no guarantees in life. If something went wrong, you might be grateful for the images your guest captured.

And a professional wedding photographer can often work around guests, and guests are usually considerate of the wedding photographer.


  • Can I see finished albums?
  • How many wedding photos should I get?
  • How many hours are included?
  • When should I expect to receive my wedding photos?
  • How will I get my photos?
  • What if you get sick or have an emergency?
  • Do you have any reviews?

Photographer websites will show some of their most incredible images, but you want to see this consistency throughout the wedding album. You want consistent quality.
Once you’ve selected a photographer you like, who is available on your date, and who you like, book them. Many photographers are scheduled up to a year ahead! Some of the greatest will accept two-year bookings.